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 Friendly alliance

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PostSubject: Friendly alliance   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:37 am

I have opened a line of communication with an alliance League of Honor and Valor in 50:13 is their leader and this is what he said to me:


I thank you for this offer, but I must decline. While my alliance is small, it is geared towards defense. We attack only those who don't play and those who prey on the weak. However, I would like to keep relations with you open. If you need a group defend in a nearby system, feel free to ask.


I am unsure of where the other 3 members of his alliance are however I do know they are close to him in the 50:13 and up range. I am not sure if anyone wants to take a stab at trying to get the other members of his alliance to come to us but I myself do not want to try and end up ruining what I have started. some of the more veteran recruiters might obe able to get them to convert to the COLA way of thinking.
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Friendly alliance
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