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 Steffans Guide to Droids

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PostSubject: Steffans Guide to Droids   Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:50 pm

Hello people. have nothing to do so i decided to write a small guide on the advantages of droids.

The most usefull droid in my opinion is the mining droid.
- easy to unlock
- not overly expensive

Another advantage is that you do not need to build a research lab at every colony to use them.

To illustrate this and show the advantage to production they have i have tested mine droids
on a level 14 ore mine with no research lab on the colony. just a level 1 factory.

without 5 mining droids - Production: 1,594
with 5 mining droids - Production: 1,754

Now thats 160 extra ore being produced

With this advantage being clear. it would be a good idea to max out on workers on all of your colonies
To do this quickly i produced most of my droids at the home planet, as the factory was higher level
thus quicker at producing droids.

Then i build a charon transport to ferry them to each colony. Then on each colony i simply built
the remaining droids required.

In the long run this really can boost up production. 5 droids = 10% extra production.

Crew droids - These do not need to be stationed anywhere really, u can simply build them and leave them
i would recommend only building them if u havent invited enough players to the game. that way
you can unlock missions that you need to do

Build droids - these can shave 2% off build times for each droid staioned in the capitol,shipyard,
and factory. I only ever keep them at my home planet, so i do not know if they will work without the research

Lab droid - Like the other bots they shave 2% off research. I keep these on the home planet also. there isnt
much reason to put them on other planets as you cannot do seperate research at the same time.
I believe they do not add on to the ARC net as the ARC net only effects lab level. I also believe
they will not work unless u have the correct research lab level for these droids. but dont quote me on that.

well thats pretty much it, what do you guys think of that? any add ons or comments appreciated
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Steffans Guide to Droids
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