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If you are an officer please message Jeffery, Zoizit, or George Samuel Kirk to be added to the Officers group after requesting to join the group under the user groups heading.
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 Officer Role and focus

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PostSubject: Officer Role and focus   Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:58 pm

George Mason = Leader + Assault Coordinator
Ancaster Officer = ViceRoy (former Leader) + Assault Coordinator
Shaggy Dogg Officer
Shming (d) Officer
Admiral Windsor Officer = Policy Adviser + Noob Support
Empress Ancaster Officer
Tony Turcotte Officer
Shane David Morin Officer
Rogue Antilles Officer
Lexarian (d) Officer
Captain Catastrophe Officer
NeoCommander Officer = Trainer/Noob support G37
George Samuel Kirk Officer = Communcations and Leader Board Blood hound.
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PostSubject: Re: Officer Role and focus   Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:57 pm

This should likely be updated to reflect:

1) Quadrant Leaders, and the expectations of what a quadrant leader does.
2) Morale Officers, and again the expectations of a morale officer.
3) XO roles, and the duties and expectations of each.

I know I am unclear on who does what, and what is expected of me so this is likely unclear to at least a percentage of the alliance.
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PostSubject: Re: Officer Role and focus   Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:16 pm


Quadrant 1 (Gal 1-19):
Senior Officer George Samuel Kirk
Morale Officer

Quadrant 2 (Gal 20-32):
Senior Officer Admiral Windsor
Morale Officer... None yet. No officers in area that can. Windsor, please advice me of any member in Quad 2 that you want promoted to your Morale

Quadrant 3 (Gal 33-49):
Senior Officer Neocommander
Morale Officer Capt Catastrophe

Quadrant 4 (Gal 50+)
Senior Officer Justin Marsh
Morale Officer Alexandre Cote-Page

COLA Leader is still myself
COLA Morale Officer Col. Thunderclap
Command Staff: Shaggy Dogg, Zoizit, Jeffrey Snyder.

All other officers are expected to continue recruiting, helping members in need of advice, attacking everything as always, and telling me how stupid I am when I put forth ideas. In addition, they are expected to help as much as they can with anything asked by the Senior or Morale Officers in their Quad, or by Myself and TC.

Every Quad will have their own thread running, similar to the old 13 thread. This is where we will push members to ask for help.

Senior Officer- They are a smaller version of myself, but for their Quad. They are fully authorized to work diplomatic solutions with issues in their quad, such as settling local fighting. (Though any official agreements with other alliances still need to be discussed with the whole officer corp, such as NAP and APA requests) They are still able to pass any diplomacy up to me directly at their discretion. Duties also include running their Quad's thread and dealing with the problems their members may have. I am willing to hear anything, as always, but you will filter out the unimportant stuff and deal with them yourselves, providing a chain of command.

Morale Officer- Leader of fighting. I want them to try and organize group attacks and help gather members to attack players bothering our members. Again, bring it to my attention if necessary, or TC's. Your role is also the XO of the Quad, to provide support to the Senior Officer and run it if the Senior Officer is temporarily gone. These will require you to also stay up to date on your Quad's thread.
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PostSubject: thanks Z   Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:22 pm

your always on top of things.
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PostSubject: Re: Officer Role and focus   

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Officer Role and focus
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