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 Alliances and individuals in 55:431

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PostSubject: Alliances and individuals in 55:431   Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:43 am

Solar System 55:431

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  4. Colony - Admiral Bennett (Nd) #15,977 - IEA
  5. Terra Prime - Philip Walsh (In) #113,377
  6. Belle Terre - Captain Wayland #43,781 - UFP
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  8. Baked Bean - Paul Sargent (d) #67,063 - UFP
  9. Homeworld - Gary Wetherall (n) #199,528
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  11. Homeworld - Elisa Valdez (n) #148,310
  12. Homeworld - Patrick Taylor 439051 (n) #190,771
  13. Homeworld - Jeff Woods (n) #149,902
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Alliances and individuals in 55:431
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