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 slow probe

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PostSubject: slow probe   Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:42 pm

Author: Bryn987
Source: Starfleet Commander Forum

1. Launch your attack and then select Formation from the fleet screen and send an invite to yourself to join the fight.

2. Pick out one of your colonies that is farthermost away from the planet you are attacking and go through the motions of launching a probe at the planet with a reduced speed to get you in the 5 minute range. For this example, lets say this "slow probe" will hit in -5:32.

3. Next, we need to find out when we need to launch the slow probe. You can only slow an attack by 30% so as our probe is -5:32, then roughly we need to launch it when our attack fleet is about 4 minutes away.

A. Open up Google and in the search bar type this: "what is 30% of 4 minutes" and then press enter and it will give you the result which is 72 seconds. Add 72 seconds to 4 minutes and we have 5 minutes and 12 seconds. So, our attack can only be slowed down from 4 minutes to -5:12
B. As our probe is at -5:32, that puts it outside the 30% window and it won't work so we have to play with the numbers a bit. Go back to Google and add or subtract a few seconds until it works. In this case, we change the time to 4 minutes and 10 seconds and 30% of that is 82 seconds. 82 seconds is 1 minute and 22 seconds. 1:22 + 4:10 = 5.32. Bingo! When our attack is -4:10 from hitting the enemy, we can now join our slow probe to the fleet and we now have moved our attack from -4.10 to -5.32. Be sure to give your self 1 -2 seconds leeway to make up for lag.

4. So, what does this extra minute and 20 seconds gets us you may ask? Plenty. In that extra 1:20, you can launch normal, fast probes at the enemy to see if all of a sudden, a massive fleet is now waiting on you. If so, you can recall your fleet and save it. Most good attackers constantly probe up to the last minute of their attack looking for surprise fleets so defenders have their fleet return mere seconds before the attack hits in order to avoid the probes. But they can't avoid the slow attack. In this extra 1 minute and 20 seconds, you should be able to launch 3 probes, read the espionage reports and recall your fleet if needed.

5. As we only have a 1:20 to discover surprise fleets, we need to launch our fast probes perfectly. So, we need to find out the time it takes the fast probe to hit and when to launch it.

6. The way to get this is I wait until my original attack is exactly 1 hour away and then make note of the game clock. In this example, my fleet will hit at 18:05:37 (this is the original attack time and not the final attack time so take note) You can calculate it anytime you want but at exactly 1 hour away, its easier and you still have plenty of time so you are not rushed. The game clock does not count down the way the fleet timer does so at about 1 second till your time mark, click on the fleet tab and that will re-fresh the game clock.

7. Go back to your original planet you are attacking from and get the time it takes a probe to hit at 100% speed. Lets say this speed is .59

8. Now, take the original attack time, subtract the fast probe and we get this: 18:05:37 - .59 = 18:04:36 (as a caution, give your self 1-2 seconds to make up for lag etc etc)

9. So, as soon as the game clock hits 18:04:36, launch your fast probes. I would launch 1, wait 20 seconds or so then launch a 2nd, wait a bit then launch a 3rdetc etc. Now your probe will hit about 1 second after your fleet would have hit if you had not slowed it down and now you can see if there are any surprise fleets waiting on you.
If all looks the same as your original espionage reports, then you are safe to attack. If a big fleet has all of a sudden appeared, recall your fleet if you can't win.

There are couple of things the defender can do to counter your slow attack but it takes a lot of luck and will be very hard to pull off in just 1-3 minutes:

1. They can have multiple Ninja defenses where 1 wave would return right before your original attack time, another wave would return 15 seconds or so after your original attack time and maybe even a third would return 15 seconds after the 2nd wave in order to still ninja you at your new attack time. This would basically take luck to pull off in that all your probes would have to miss these waves in order for it to work and they would also have to keep re-deploying their waves so your incoming probes don't see them. Also, each individual wave would have to be able to beat your fleet on it's on which would take an enormous amount of ships.
2. They could also try to counter your slow attack by having their fleet return about 10 seconds before your original attack time, and then quickly do a deploy/recall move in order to bypass your first "fast probe". Again, if you send a couple fast probes to hit right before your original attack time and a couple of probes right after-wards, you should be able to catch them most of the time.

The slow attack may not be 100% unbeatable, but using it does increase your odds of success.
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PostSubject: nice post   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:21 pm

No need to lose a fleet. This will definatly help with NINJA's
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slow probe
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