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 Planning for Group Attack

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PostSubject: Planning for Group Attack   Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:35 pm

Use this string to post co-ords of any world that is causing you a problem in Quadrant 2. Post the Co-Ords of the planet of your attacker as well as the co-ords of your planet. We also need a short description of why we need to educate your foe. (This is not for retaliation, this is for taking care of players that are attacking you regularly)

If you are a higher ranked player in my quad, assist the players posting in this thread in a GROUP ATTACK or GROUP DEFEND on the problem planet (or player). It is the responsibility of higher ranked players to build and teach lower ranks. It is my expectation that ALL players participate in a group attack at least once every 2 weeks. Only by working together do we gain true strength. If a COLA member is not sharing in the bounty, I want to personally hear about it.

Use this format here;

COLA member name [00:000:00]
Attacker name [00:000:00]

This player has been attacking me at least twice a week. He generally attacks around 12:00 server time and I have noticed that he is offline after 18:00 server time.
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Planning for Group Attack
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