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 Procedure for Recruiting New Members

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PostSubject: Procedure for Recruiting New Members   Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:49 am

All members are free to invite whomever they wish. We ask that you keep in mind the purpose of an alliance is to improve. We prefer players who log in at least daily and who will abide by the rules and wishes of the alliance.

All invitations that are offered to outside players must include the following - they must apply through the alliance tab, they must include their homeworld and all colony co-ordinates, they must add the name of the member who recruited them and they must declare if they have any former or current membership in another alliance.

As an example, this is the recruitment letter that I send out.

As an officer of the COLA alliance, I would like to invite you, and possibly your whole alliance, to join us in our efforts. COLA is currently rated in the top 50 overall, and growing. We are one of the more active alliances and would be proud to count you as one of our members

If you wish to join us, please make an application on the alliance page. Search for 'Lorean' and you will find us - 'The Children of Lorean' -- COLA for short. Please place in the message that Shaggy Dogg invited you and include all of your planet co-ords. We also need to know if you are or have been in an alliance and that alliances name.

Upon acceptance you will be placed as a member and have the opportunity for promotion depending on your activity with the alliance.

If you choose not to join us, that is OK too. We will continue our efforts as usual

Being part of a large alliance is a great deterrent when others are looking for a target. If you are attacked then there are plenty of strong members in your area that could group defend. You will be invited to group attack occasionally and to share in the spoils. There is also great information to be shared, fleetsaving and resourcesaving ideas and answers to questions you may have.

See you soon!

Any questions should be directed to me for answering so that the message we send out is consistant.

When you invite player you must post that information in the "invited to" sticky or it's replacement (to be called (P2) New Player Invitations"). Include the player name, rank and any other information you deem relevant (alliance for example).

I appreciate you following the guidelines as it will make approving new members much easier.

Shaggy Dogg
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Procedure for Recruiting New Members
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