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 Cannon Fodder

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PostSubject: Cannon Fodder   Cannon Fodder Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 11:56 am

from in game message board


So far I have managed to escape notice of aggressive neighbors, which is nice. However, I did detect one espionage mission and one of my neighbors was hit hard.

I am paying more attention to my defenses. Specifically, I'm wondering what ships make good cannon fodder. The most advanced ship I can build is a Poseidon class cruiser. Should I build Artemis and/or Apollo class fighters as targets to be torn apart by any invading force?

Jeffery Snyder:

you should fleet save when an attack comes in that way they get nothing. most players have it set so dios arive seconds after an attack. if you have ships there and leave debris then they will pick up a bunch of it. if you fleet and resource save they hit your defenses and lose ships all while not getting any resources so in the outcome they lose ships and resources and if it is done right then you will be able to recall your fleet and collect the debris yourself

oh and fleet save at the last possiable second if possiable. i will fleet save in the last 30 seconds if i know i am going to be on when the attack lands
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Cannon Fodder
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