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 Recycling - Dionysus

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Recycling - Dionysus Empty
PostSubject: Recycling - Dionysus   Recycling - Dionysus Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 12:03 pm

James Robinson 859608:

Can I use a dio on an buddy to clean up all the debris left after someone

George Samuel Kirk:

you most certainly can

James Robinson 859608
Yea I figured it out seconds after I posted it, I now have a large chunk of debris to get.

Lucy Indaysky

Can you recycle debri from any planetary system or even if non allied or unfriendly? Is this considered an attack?

Jeffery Snyder

you can harvest anywhere as long as it is a harvest mission and not an attack. if there is debris showing in the galaxy view then click on the circle next to the debris number and it will bring up the fleet available select your harvesters and send them out. a harvest mission is stealthy they will not know it is happening until the resources disappear around the planet

Deathmastre II

Dio's are essentially stealth, so no one can see them coming. They'll just notice that their debris field is suddenly gone.

Wes Shoffner
To be a bit more clear... A dio on a harvest mission can never ever be attacked in any way. In fact no ships on a harvest mission WITH the dio can be attacked either. You could harvest debris from the planet of a mortal enemy and he'd never know, until he checked and saw the debris were gone.
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Recycling - Dionysus
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