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 Somethings to think about

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PostSubject: Somethings to think about   Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:26 pm

These are a few tips that someone from an old alliance of mine made up:

1. They do not fleet/resource save, especially after I've scanned/attacked them before or they have a big fleet/500k resources.

2. They have bad techs, the amount of your resources of ships and defenses divided by the resource cost of your current tech should be about 20-60 if it is some number like 100-500 your techs are below what they should be. Hull and weapons should be about the same and shield should be the same or 1 level lower. For example all my stuff added together is about 400 ships worth 50k each and my tech is 500k so 20000k/500k = 40

3. They spend too much on getting the next level of ship and mines and don't order them right. You want ore mines about 2 levels over crystal and crystal 2 levels over hydro, it takes a month for a lvl 20 ore mine to pay for itself and the energy cost so they are not good over lvl 20 and the other mines are even worse. It takes 15 hades to pay for the upgrade to prometheus which I don't even use. I see a bunch of high ranks with only 5 of every type of ship.

4. They make too many small ships and small defenses, this is good against equal strength opponents but normally you attack people you overpower and are attacked by people that overpower you. I know there is someone in this galaxy that is only rank 10k has virtually no fleet and yet I don't attack them because they built 10 plasma cannons which will pickoff a couple of my big ships. The big ships/defenses are good for minimizing losses against inferior odds and also concentrating firepower to pickoff an enemy that overwhelms you. Batteries(when people are not attacking with mass poseidon) and gauss cannons are the best defenses and they are good for making it hard for someone to get all your resources with transports when your fleets gone.
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PostSubject: Re: Somethings to think about   Sun Jan 31, 2010 4:17 am

Who is this They? I am assuming it's bad players.
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Somethings to think about
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