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 Steffans Guide to defences

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PostSubject: Steffans Guide to defences   Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:30 pm

Steffan Guide to defences.

This guide contains a quote from the wiki, and other cola member examples of their defences.

Hello everyone

I would like to give different options for the player to use. And advantages, or disadvantages to base defences.
there are various styles to think about, not building any defences at all and simply fleetsaving and resource saving, which in my opinion is one of the good options to take.

building defences according to planet level, will keep from people assuming that you are weak after probing you perhaps

or full on mass defence, complimenting the fleet. or protecting the planet if you forget to fleetsave.

personaly i only build defences on the home planet and small amounts on the others.

Quote from wiki- - section 8 rules to live by - Number 7 -Scaling defences

'Scale your defenses along with your planet. In the early days, a lot of people put way too many resources into defense. This is because they perhaps think building defense is a substitution for fleet saving, but unless you're in the top few players it is not, so there isn't much point in building lots of easily destroyed missile turrets. As long as you're fleet saving when you're not online and building when you are, you'll never have anything for people to attack, so people generally won't attack you. Put your resources into research, mines, ships, and colonizing instead.'

'This depends entirely on your style. Fleeter or miner. A Fleeter needs little in the way of defense as they primarily build ships and attack others. However, Miners just build big mines and lots of defense. Often enough to put off even big fleets.'

Examples of cola players defences and opinions.

George Mason -

Here is my thoughts. I don't tend to bother with defenses, as my best defense is just saving. That being said, I often ferry resources to my homeworld at night, as a fleet save, from all my various colonies, and my main fleets current staging post. This does mean that I can sometimes have far more resources just sitting there than I would like, and they may sit there for up to 4 hours before I get a chance to log back on.

So here is my homeworlds defenses:

Laser: x50
Pulse: x20
Particle: x15
Anti-Ballistic: x20
Decoy: x1
Interplanetary: x10
Gauss: x10
Large: x1

Other than my homeworld, every planet I own either has minimal or no defenses, though every colony does have at least 2 hercs.


Steffan Thorning -

These are my defences. i am not going to build anymore now though.

Home planet defences
Missile: x100
Laser: x30
Pulse: x10
Particle: x10
Anti-Ballistic: x20
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x5
Large: x1

Colony defences -
20 missile
10 laser
1 decoy

I leave it at that for now. I went for the option to have defences set like this. They didnt feel too expensive to be honest. I will note that decoy's are very usefull because of their hull and shield capabilities. more chance of them stopping a fleet from winning ( a draw etc)


Missile: x100
Laser: x100
Pulse: x35
Particle: x25
Anti-Ballistic: x20
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x10
Large: x1


Missile: x110
Laser: x60
Particle: x5
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x22
Large Decoy: x1

Xog norgoth

Missile: x3
Laser: x20
Pulse: x40
Particle: x24
Anti-Ballistic: x12
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x10
Large: x1

these are the defences on my main planet practically nothing on the rest of my planet. not worth it to have much on any other planet

Matthew McQueen

Laser: x12
Pulse: x10
Particle: x16
Anti-Ballistic: x14
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x8

Evaluation -
- Notice how most people have built plenty of Gauss canons, these are generaly alot stronger than the starter defences.
- Almost everyone has built a decoy, they can make alot of difference even though they do no damage they are a good last defence
they can prolong the battle and make it result in a draw/loss for the attacking fleet.
- Some of the players have built mass laser + missile, these are cheap and fast to setup but mainly used to shield the more powerfull defences or take out mass fodder (artemis,apollo)
- Some players dont build any defences on planets other than the home planet, this is because they can simply resource save and/or transport the resources to the home planet.

Thoughts -
- Everyone has their own style, you dont NEED defences, they are an option. The resources taken to build them up could be used on research and your fleet.
- My style is to have a decent bulk of defences on the home planet, and a small amount on the colonies.

I do not think there is much more to cover but if i have missed anything out here dont hesitate to reply to this, and i will ad it.

I hope this helps everyone out.
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PostSubject: Defence I have scled with home planet.   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:41 pm

Missile: x100
Laser: x100
Pulse: x50
Particle: x50
Anti-Ballistic: x20
Decoy: x1
Gauss: x20
Large: x1

I have arcnet2 and the foundary. My damage in the first round is 102,000 and this is something important to remeber. Don't count on the damage from your defences for the second round. If a guy is going to hit you he/she knows that your defences will not protect you. This game is a DPS race. Who ever does the most damage first wins. You first round damage will be the true deterent if a peson comes for you. Understand defences are only meant to protect you sats and up to 5 hours worth of resouces. If your fleet is there or if you have 24hrs of resources on a planet your defences will not protect you.
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Steffans Guide to defences
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